Gemma and Lou horse riding yesterday (17.09.14)


"my friend Pepe is a 🐴"

Gemma, Lou and Lottie are my new favourite trio EVER!


Gemma’s sweatshirt she wore during the boy’s concert in Glendale, Arizona is from The Madison Club golf club in La Quinta, California. 

I haven’t found anywhere they’re sold online so I assume they are only available at the actual clubhouse. 

Gemma and Lou are being like older sisters with Lottie ‘cause they always go out with her and post pictures with her, they spend time with her and they keep her company during the concerts. I think that when she was with Eleanor and Sophia she felt left out but now it seems like she’s enjoying her time in the USA so yeah, Gemma and Lou, you’re the best

Anonymous asked: are you a Mixer? How long have you been a Directioner for? Where are you from?

I’m not a mixer and I follow one direction since 2011 x

getlostinmyself asked: What daily make up routine use Gemma? xx

She uses lip balm, mascara and eye liner daily and often foundation :)

Anonymous asked: How do u usually do your makeup? I like it a lot

My make up is really simple, I use foundation, lip balm and mascara every day and when I feel like it black eye-liner :) x

Gemma, Lou, Lottie and Dan Richards horse riding yesterday (17.09.14)